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Ankle Enclosing
An ankle enclosing AFO surrounds the ankle, part of the lower limb, or foot. It provides side stability, reduces foot drop and can restrict painful movement.
Foot drop including those with varus or valgus foot alignment
Hemi paresis with varus or valgus foot alignment
Suitable for moderate to severe foot support needs
Cerebral Palsy. Recommended in combination with senso control foot orthoses
Charcot Marie Tooth (CMT)
Severe foot support needs in combination with supportive footwear
Flat feet
PTT disorders in combination with supportive footwear
Various foot pathologies essentially those that require stability or restriction around the ankle and foot joints
Shoe fit:
Many shoes have removable inlays and will accommodate this style orthoses
Sport footwear
Sandals with removable inlay
Prefabricated or custom Medical Grade Footwear
Contra indication:
Not suitable for sensitive skin in the insensate foot (e.g. diabetic foot) unless significantly padded.
To accommodate the padding a shoe fitting with extra depth, width and length or custom made medical grade footwear may need to be considered.
Below are examples of ankle enclosing AFO’s.
Please consider that those shown are available, however depending on your needs and taste, variations may be applied.
Here a different design with laces and in blue leather.  
Here a design with a removable sensocontrol foot orthoses and open Tendon Achilles for Cerebral Palsy. The rigidity of the AFO can be varied depending on the material uses. We like to use the least amount of rigidity to not stimulate the spasms with hard materials.