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Custom Orthopaedic Footwear / Medical Grade
Custom made orthopaedic footwear is made specifically for each individual patient from a cast. The requirement for each foot is completely individual; the Shoetech clinic prepares all custom orthopaedic footwear on the premises.
COF is usually required when standard footwear is unsuitable, due to high risk, severity of problems or finally, degree of deformation.
Foot conditions which may result in the requirement of custom orthopaedic footwear are:
Rheumatic arthritis
Varus feet
Flat feet (Pes planus) in severe stages
Posterior Tibialis Tendon dysfunction in later stages
Hammer toes, severe fore foot deformity
Charcot Marie Tooth
Diabetic foot related issues
Insensate foot with deformity or biomechanical deficit
Charcot foot
Severe foot deformities
Severe ankle deformities
Functional deficits like spastic or flaccid paralysis
Large leg length differences
The shoes are designed to cater for the specific problems, compensate for disabilities, relieve pain and improve gait.
The shoes may incorporate functional devices such as:
Foot orthotics
Rocker soles

Rigid soles
Amputation sprints
Custom made shoes may be designed to accommodate style and function of the individual patient. They may be required for:
Walking shoes
Work footwear
Leisure footwear
Sport shoes
Army style boots
Depending on individual requirements, the Shoetech clinic is able to apply style and fashion to the footwear.
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