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EVA Base
EVA is (Ethyl Vinyl Acetate) a light synthetic rubber, frequently used to make foot orthoses. EVA has excellent cushioning properties. We customise foot orthoses in a variety of hardness or softness depending on individual requirements.
EVA orthoses are versatile with both a vast array of applications and material combinations. They can be made accommodative such as TCI / TCO or with corrective elements.
Suitable for mild to severe foot conditions
Severe foot support needs in combination with supportive footwear
Flat feet
PTT disorders in combination with supportive footwear
Metatarsalgia or forefoot pain
Pain under the ball of your foot
If extra padding is required
Redistribution of plantar pressure
Heel spur
Plantar fasciitis
Many other foot pathologies due to the high variation of design and material combination
Shoe fit:
Many shoes have removable inlays and will accommodate foot orthoses.
Sport footwear
Sandals with removable inlay
Prefabricated Medical Grade Footwear

Contra indication:
Not suitable if a very rigid device is needed.
Your EVA base foot orthoses are made using a thermoplastic process or computer aided milling which brings the material into the desired shape.
The EVA is often reinforced with a thin layer of flexible stiffener to provide added strength. The arch elements are made from soft but resilient foam to give your arch a strong but cushioning support. They are then covered with a soft full length layer. The EVA base foot orthoses are extremely versatile. Depending on your individual needs, material combination can vary from firm to super soft.
This photo identifies an example with Metatarsal dome and kangaroo leather cover.
  EVA Base with soft non leather covers for more sensitive feet and if required with multiple layers for extra protection.

The view from the bottom showing the firmer EVA in the hind to mid foot as well as flexible material in the mid to fore foot.

With additional heel posting or lift.