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Total Contact Inlay – TCI
Total Contact Orthoses – TCO

A TCI or TCO is a moulded device which is designed to follow the plantar contours and tomography of the foot. They reduce plantar pressure at points where they are higher than normal by offloading weight across a larger area of the plantar surface. Both TCI and TCO are usually made of soft material.
If extra padding is required
Sensitive feet
Redistribution of plantar pressure
Shoe fit:
Sport footwear with extra depth
Sandals with removable inlay and extra depth
Prefabricated medical grade footwear
Contra indication:
Not suitable if stronger support is needed or high volume usage. EVA base style orthoses are available in soft material. However our range includes styles that are both soft with added durability and support.
This is a total contact orthoses or custom moulded foot orthoses.
It is accommodative and made using soft tri laminate material (Plastazote PPT EVA) as well as EVA cork. It is suitable for sensitive feet. The materials will self mould on the surface plantar to the foot which will make it more comfortable after a little usage. The orthoses requires extra depth inside footwear.